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Every Second Counts When Driving Engineering Excellence!

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Elevate your
Manufacturing Game

Take your system the MAX!
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Boost Machine Reliability & Performance

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Say Goodbye to Production Loss and Hello to Cost Savings

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Maximise OEE and Minimize Headaches!

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Empower Your Team, Elevate Your Results!

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Struggling with Skilled Manpower

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Revolutionise Your Maintenance Process – From Booking to Completion!

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Transform Challenges into Triumphs!

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A revolutionary service
designed to empower engineering teams like yours.

Top-tier Engineers for all your needs

Highly skilled, experienced, compliant engineers when you need them
Experts in engineering

Shift Hero brings you the specialised skills you require when issues arise. Experts in engineering for the times you need them.

Verified & Compliant engineers

Empower your team with phenomenal engineers. All of our engineers undergo a full verification process and testing, with regular audits, ensuring only the very best engineers arrive to you.

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Need specialist skills?

Easily select an engineer with the skills you require
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Don't let issues slow you down again

We understand things don't always run smoothly. Shift Hero allows you to add engineers with the specialised skills to your team when certain issues arise. Experts in engineering for the times you need them.

Tailored to your needs

Let us know what job needs doing and we will assess the skills required and send you experienced, competent engineers to get the job done well.

You choose when, where, how often

In need of regular support or one off help, we've got you covered.
Flexible hours

Shift Hero brings excellent engineers to help solve your problems, day or night 24/7. You choose and pay for only the hours you need.

Never be without

We understand at times you may need extra support. Whether you need extra manpower for your shifts or you require extra support with ongoing projects or tasks, we are available.

Shift hero shift cover platform view - flexible shift pattern to suit you

Book easily and conveniently from anywhere

Manage your manpower easily and conveniently
Shift hero shift cover platform view - book easily and conveniently from any device.
As easy as drag and drop

With just 3 steps ...

No chasing who, when, where

View your plan of who is going to support you, when and where, from any device at any time.

Reliable Shift Cover

With access to 100s of competent engineers, you will never be without the shift cover you need, day or night.

Bring Shift Hero to your team

Our all in one platform solution brings more manpower and skills to your team.
Integrate your rota seamlessly

Streamline your scheduling process by seamlessly integrating Shift Hero with your existing rota management system. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to efficient workforce planning.

Everything in one place

With Shift Hero, everything you need is conveniently consolidated in one centralised platform. From shift scheduling to engineer assignments and performance tracking, manage it all effortlessly from a single interface.

Access to 100s of engineers

Gain access to a diverse pool of highly skilled engineers with expertise across various industries and specialisations. Whether you need mechanical, electrical, or software engineering support, Shift Hero has you covered with a vast network of professionals.

shift hero tablet view of the main shift cover application dashboard.

People are talking

don't just take our word for it

Breath of fresh air

We use Shift Hero on many occasions and find the company a breath of fresh air. The management through to the workforce are very professional with a fantastic skill set. Positive , 'can do' attitude thrives in this company with top quality standards to match - Second best does not even reach the agenda....Highly recommend this company..

- Ben Turner

Extremely knowledgeable

Shift Hero have completed a number of projects on site. I found James and his team to be extremely knowledgeable and prompt. They have offered a number of innovative solutions and are competitively priced. I would not hesitate to use the services of Shift Hero again.

- Liam Wilson

Good people, great company

Shift Hero have a multiskilled professional team, which makes working with them easy, good people, great company.

- Daniel Evans

Wouldn't use anyone else!

Finally, no more engineers turning up unprepared. Shift Hero engineers turn up with the skills, experience and knowledge to get the job done without extra input from me. Fantastic!

- Ian Mitchell

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    mechanical and electrical, maintenance
    engineers for all your needs.

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    Drag & Drop

    Simply drag and drop!
    Select the shifts you need. Drag and
    drop a shift cover request onto the day or
    night you need.

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    Sit back and relax

    Well perhaps not! But now you can focus
    on the important stuff.
    Liked the shift engineer and want them again?
    Favorite your engineers for them to return.

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It doesn't matter what type of machine
is broken we can fix it!

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